Miss Haldane

Professional Disciplinarian


Sessions with me may be intense or lighthearted, depending on the type of session we choose. I will not raise my voice and won’t punish you in anger. Instead, you’ll face a calm, firm disciplinarian: the authority figure you yearn for. You will be held to account and receive the punishment you need and deserve.

I conduct sessions on Mondays only from a discreet domestic venue in Staffordshire.


Punishments will be traditional in nature. You can expect a domestic or office scene, in which the consequences you earn will involve OTK and other classic spanking positions, using my hand and/or other implements. I will also administer and set other punishments such as scolding, mouth soaping, corner time, line writing, and essay writing where appropriate.

I believe that a spanking must truly hurt to be effective. For this reason, I do not use safe words; once you submit to a punishment from me, there will be no get out - you will receive the spanking you deserve, and it will end only when I say it does. Of course, all limits will be respected.


Goals/Behaviour Management

The potential for real change is limitless when you place your trust in a disciplinarian who has your best interests at heart. If you have goals you wish to work towards, we will work out how best to achieve them and agree on actions for you. Despite your love of CP, I can promise that you will not wish to disappoint me. If (happily) you achieve your targets, our sessions will focus on maintenance spankings.

Role Play/Specific Punishments

I am equally content to spank you without a goals framework if you wish to experience a defined punishment scene, whether real or imagined, in which you play a role or in which you are yourself.


A cathartic spanking affords you the opportunity to relinquish control for the time we spend together, without the distraction of goals/targets or assumed roles. Having time out from your stressful life can be the reset you need to find the balance you are looking for. You can simply be my spankee for our session and receive the spanking you desire.



Take your pick - well, actually, don’t - what you’re punished with will broadly be up to me, although I will listen if you specifically request an implement that you either wish or do not wish to have used on you. I use a wide variety of implements, including:

  • Straps/tawses

  • Canes

  • Brushes

  • Wooden spoons

  • Paddles

  • Slippers/plimsolls

If you wish to bring your own, please ask - generally I will be happy to use most implements on you, but do check first.

Some implements are more prone to leaving lasting marks than others; if you do not wish to be marked please let me know, as this will influence implement choice.

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