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I love the sessions I have with my bottoms - and they do too. Read on to see what they have to say:

I have had the honour of visiting Miss Haldane for a while now, and can honestly say I'm glad I found her, she is a lovely lady friendly, witty, very intelligent and very welcoming, but trust me in session this woman is a very strict and sometimes brutal disciplinarian. She loves what she does and is a real enthusiast of cp , and when she says you’re in for a thrashing that is exactly what you get, I know being on the end of some of her beatings.

You see I'm that naughty school boy who needed to be shown the error of my ways and ma'am has certainly done that. She reminds me that actions have consequences, which means I go home with a very sore bottom, as was the case on Monday ( 15th July ) even with my pleading of innocence and fairness I still got a thrashing and a soap cleaned mouth, though don’t shout it from the roof tops but I got off lightly, you see I still had the marks from my last thrashing nearly 2 months ago and ma'am went a little easier (the lady does have a heart ). She will no doubt make up for it at my next visit, which won’t be long.

So to sum up:

if it’s strict discipline you require then it’s Miss Haldane you need, that piercing look she gives you is enough to get the knees trembling , and her no nonsense approach to discipline is second to none.

What are you waiting for don’t hesitate , get in touch , you wont regret it ( though your bottom just might !!! )


I have been contemplating visiting a Disciplinarian for many months now. I had never received discipline in the form of cp before. After a lot of searching, visiting various websites, I decided to contact Miss Haldane. Everything on her website was what I was looking for, someone who is not only professional but also takes into account the needs of a submissive. After exchanging a few emails Miss Haldane agreed to see me.

I arrived early so sat in my car until it was time for my appointment…by this time I was nervous but after a chat Miss Haldane reassured me that everything was safe - my limits as a first timer would be respected but maybe pushed a little.

Miss Haldane is a well spoken lady, very strict and an excellent Disciplinarian.

I was totally at ease in her company at all times, well not all of the time lol.

Without going into to much detail I can assure you I am already contemplating my next visit to Miss Haldane..

Thank you Miss Haldane for an amazing experience…


Having recently discovered the “benefits” of a meeting with Miss Haldane; I once again made my way across to her lovely clean and tidy premises to be greeted by the lovely Miss Haldane. After a brief catch up and discussion as to my requirements it was time to go next door to the punishment room where I handed over control to Miss Haldane it was time to be on the receiving end of some much needed discipline that was firm, at times a little uncomfortable and above all insightful.

She found ways to “get through” to me that simply hadn’t occurred to me before. The beatings with various implements; interspersed with moments of levity were just perfect for my needs. There was no safe word but no need for one as she judged and respected my limits at all times.

It’s difficult to describe exactly how good this lady is but in attempting to do so I’d say that she is an exquisitely and elegantly sadistic lady who really cares for those in her charge.

Personally I feel fortunate that she saw fit to accept me and I will be forever grateful to her.

In conclusion I’d say if you are hesitating about booking a session with Miss Haldane, just do it as it’s something you will not regret. It’s not for the faint hearted but its rewards are many fold and well worth the effort.

Steve R

The first time I ever met Miss Haldane, I realised instantly that I was in the presence of a very confident, intelligent and perceptive person. She disarmed my nervousness with charming and witty conversation. In fact, she was so engaging and amusing that I have to admit; I really wondered if she would actually be up to spanking me. Needless to say, that thought was soon to be proved dramatically wrong!

Six months later.... and I have become a regular visitor to Miss Haldane. Here's the reason: over the years, I have been spanked, strapped, caned and even birched by so-called aficionados of the arts, and admittedly, some of them have been very good spankers.

Miss Haldane's sessions are in a league of their own, though.

When you are in session with Miss Haldane, you realise you're up against an extraordinarily strong character. You realise you're in trouble, and you realise you're going to get properly punished. She has never given me a punishment that I couldn't cope with, but over the months she has carefully but firmly stretched my limits. 

I trust Miss Haldane one hundred percent. I would trust her with my life. And yet in session, she still commands a heady mixture of fear and respect. Don't get me wrong, there are light hearted moments of amusement; but her sessions are intense. If you want mediocrity, go elsewhere.

If you want game-changing experiences, then for me, Miss Haldane hits the mark.

Seeing Miss Haldane is reminiscent of when I learnt to fly. It was a thrilling, frightening but life-enhancing adventure. Gaining a Private Pilot License did involve a number of near-death experiences. Far, far safer to see Miss Haldane. She will build your character! And do it safely. But there will still be moments of genuine fear.

I am at the more extreme end of the CP spectrum: a few days ago I received the most severe caning of my entire life. As I've been going about my day to day business, the proud owner of a very sore bottom; I've been feeling a sense of honour to have had my bottom tenderised by such a remarkable person as Miss Haldane.

Miss Haldane is a very attractive, strong and intuitive disciplinarian, who takes the time to tailor a discipline session around your needs. Respect her, make an effort for her, and you will gain some truly rewarding discipline. Since visiting Miss Haldane, I have developed a deeper respect for women. Not just for disciplinarians, but for all women. This, despite being no stranger to the company of high achieving women. I guess some men just need discipline in their lives. Thank you, Miss Haldane!


I have visited Miss Haldane several times over the past few months.

I have harboured strong fantasies of female domination and corporal punishment since early childhood and if I had conjured up the perfect image and character of my fantasy figure it would have been her. Except, rather amazingly, she has surpassed my imagination.

My preference is for sessions to have a little more context to them than just a beating or highly contrived role play. To this end, Miss Haldane has helped me develop performance targets that relate to important aspects of my life. The outcome of my efforts can be easily assessed and I am held accountable. You should be aware that although she is extremely personable she does not suffer fools or excuses and consequently I have received the most painful and uncompromising beatings of my life. She is strict and determined.

But it works. I have made significantly more progress than ever before, have more structure to pursue my ambitions, and I'm happier and healthier. I don't want to let her down.

If you have the means and opportunity it is well worth committing to regular sessions with Miss Haldane. I say this not out of euphoria or devotion, but simply high regard for a terrific person who is excellent at what she does. See it as an investment; it may do you the world of good. At the very least, you'll have a great time. 😊


I recently had a follow up appointment with Miss Haldane to review my progress on some very key targets for me to make some important life-changing adjustments.  We started with a discussion regarding my achievements, and then turned to where I had failed to progress as far as Miss  Haldane, and myself, would have hoped and expected.  Miss Haldane had been monitoring progress since our last meeting and had been offering encouragement and direction.  She left no doubt in my mind of the scale of her disappointment.  Her well thought and well chosen words struck at my core, but were aimed with precision.

Now it was time for me to face the consequences for my failure.  A lecture, with a withering criticism added to my feeling of shame for the disappointment I had caused.  Now to be punished, no warm ups, no spanking, but straight to the implements.  The leather paddle, stinging, the tawse, heavy, and the cane, delivering more strokes than I had ever taken before. As with her words, everything was delivered with the ultimate expert precision. I knew Miss Haldane wanted to test my limits, which she duly did, but, it goes without saying that she did not at any stage seek to try to exceed them. 

Her caning of me was virtuosic.

Whilst I never enjoy being caned, Miss Haldane guided me, whilst ensuring I did not get off lightly as she more than left her signature on my behind.

I will return for assessment again soon.  This time, my goal is at least not to disappoint her.  Ultimately I want to impress her, though she is a hard task mistress with incredibly high standards.  I am looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with Miss Haldane who has certainly left her mark on me both internally and externally and in more ways than one.

Steve B

I recently had the privilege, pleasure and felt (in more ways than one) the  immediate benefits of meeting Miss Haldane.  Having read her website, and understanding the services she offers, I approached her with a view to her assisting me with certain lifestyle issues and organisational matters which needed addressing.

Upon arrival I was made to feel welcome and was quickly put at ease.  I was struck by the careful and thoughtful  preparation Miss Haldane had made for our session.  We had a very useful discussion with regards expectations and my targets and aspirations for what I needed to achieve for myself, with the assistance, guidance, and, when required, Miss Haldane’s unique style  of encouragement. After our discussion, it was time for me to be on the receiving end of some long overdue discipline.  Miss Haldane administered a very firm spanking and then followed up with beating me with implements.  Her hand is particularly effective, and she went on to test my limits, whilst respecting them at all times.  Although I very much want to achieve the set targets to improve my life and aspects of my wellbeing for my own good, Miss Haldane has made me feel that she is investing in my betterment also, and I want to repay her faith.

It was made very clear to me what my initial  targets were, I was asked to repeat them a number of times whilst laying across Miss’s knees and bent over with her menacingly standing behind me with her weapon of choice.  She found a way of getting through to me, almost as if she knew how to.

The session was an absolute delight and exactly what I was looking for on this day -

Miss Haldane is a disciplinarian who understood  my needs and desires and how to not only meet, but far exceed what I was hoping for. 

It felt as though we had known each other for a long time and understood one another.  It was a very special day for me, one which I will treasure.  I am so looking forward to our next meeting, it can’t come soon enough….


Do you long, as I do, to go back in time to your childhood? To experience again the pure, cleansing discipline of a well-smacked bottom? If your answer is yes, I cannot recommend highly enough a visit to Miss Haldane. 

As memorable as the smacking which followed was, the one thing I shall always remember from this first encounter was her clear blue eyes determinedly maintaining eye contact with mine throughout the preceding lecture and during the punishment itself. Without wishing to sound pretentious, it was as if she was gazing into my very soul – and it troubled and healed me in about equal measure.

Once I was over Miss Haldane’s lap, I was left in no doubt that my bare bottom was ‘front and centre’. She has a surprisingly hard hand and the intimacy of it against my buttocks was quite beautiful.  She spanks in a considered, methodical manner, seeking out and exploiting your weak spots. In between spanking, I was either put in the corner or held gently but firmly against her lap. I felt loved and cared for throughout.

I left with that clammy, itchy warmth in my pants familiar to many of us – chastening yet somehow comforting too. At a lunch stop on my journey home, I had occasion to sit on a hard wooden bench and my tender sit-upon immediately reminded me what a naughty boy I had been. I put myself to bed for the rest of the afternoon, both for discipline and to allow myself the space to take in what had happened. My perfect little bit of time travel was complete, and I can barely wait until the next time Miss Haldane has me in her care. 


As I write this, I'm the proud owner of a very sore bottom, courtesy of Miss Haldane.

The exact web location eludes me, but the crystallization of the moment I discovered Miss Haldane remains clear; I knew I had to see her; as sure as night follows day. Immediately, I had the intuition that she was an unique person. A spot of research on twitter and a few other places re-enforced my intuition.

Somewhere in Stafford, two weeks later, yours truly was knocking on a door; my mouth dry and my heart pounding. I was greeted by Miss Haldane, impeccably and professionally dressed, very attractive, very friendly and very perceptive. I was shown to a small sitting room and offered tea or water, which I was most grateful for. Meanwhile, Miss Haldane put my mind at rest as we chatted about the kind of session I wanted and my previous spanking experience. I had opted for a hard punishment session. During our chat, I learnt that Miss Haldane does these sessions once a week, because she enjoys them.   Since I had opted for punishment, I was duly warned that there would be no safe words, and the punishment would stop only when she decided! 

Without elaborating too much on the details of the punishment session; I will say that Miss Haldane can be very stern.

After several warm up spankings, I received an exemplary thrashing carried out with skill and accuracy. She succeeded in taking me to that special place that recipients of the aforementioned arts will know. 

I felt safe in the hands of Miss Haldane and in the location. She is a remarkably intelligent, and genuine disciplinarian. I look forwards to seeing her again.


Long overdue, considerably overdue in fact thanks to vanilla life interrupting my ongoing disciplinary regime. The opportunity to visit Miss Haldane arose due to some diary alterations, we had met previously in slightly different disciplinary circumstances and so I decided to formally apply.  

We had a brief chat prior to my punishment to establish what was required.

The psychological impact of the session was there from the outset which chilled & thrilled me as to the prospect of what lay in store.

Led to one of the excellent punishment rooms at The Chamber of Correction and ordered to strip I was soon instructed to take my position on Miss Haldane's lap after a few words of admonishment & I received the hardest hand spanking I had ever been given!  It was clear I was in for a severe punishment, fear mixed with excitement as I was bent over the trestle for a sound strapping, excruciating wrap arounds made me dance like a naughty little boy. 

Stood in the corner, hands on my head while Miss silently selected what would the final implement. She restrained me on the wonderful, bespoke spanking bench and rested the cool surface of her chosen implement on my already glowing cheeks. Miss asked me what I thought the implement was? I could tell it was a leather paddle but not that it was a heavy one with holes in its surface! Miss proceeded to beat me hard & without mercy.  Three, lengthy flourishes had me straining against my restraints, my pleas for mercy went unheeded just a simple whisper from Miss to remind that She would decide when my beating would end. Her hand firmly on my back Miss instructed me to, "take it now MarQe". Ending I lay on the bench, breathless & punished properly, I did not realise quite how much I needed it.

Thank You Miss Haldane.


If you read carefully the details on Miss Haldane's website you will get a very accurate picture of who she is, what she does, and the venue. She is very intelligent, warm and personable, and you could imagine her as good company in any situation. The fact that she is very attractive is simply an added bonus. Most importantly, she has a calm and elegant, but authoritative style.

During our recent meeting, she took the time to listen to my deficiencies and elicited a performance improvement plan. The discipline was strict and uncompromising, and she was firmly in control. 

The venue is clean and comfortable and creates the right atmosphere, free from the clutter of superfluous paraphernalia at many other venues.

Over a relatively long time, I have visited several CP specialists, with varying degrees of enjoyment.

The meeting with Miss Haldane was of an altogether different level and something I wish I could have experienced many years ago.

There is a reality to it. It is really a bittersweet experience: I am looking forward to seeing her again, but very anxious not to disappoint her.


I contacted Miss Haldane after reading her well prepared profile. The response i got was as expected being very professional and direct to the point. 

The session was excellent. She took control very comfortably and got the sternest and relaxed parts spot on.

The spanking and caning was very well delivered being both accurate and hard leaving a sore bruised bottom to remind me of our meeting. 

Miss Haldane is a very professional disciplinarian and  i intend reporting to her on a regular basis.


I was nervous contacting a disciplinarian as I hadn’t done so before, but I finally got the courage to do it and I am so glad I did. Miss Haldane made me so welcome, wanted to know all about me so she could deliver the best session and settled my nerves as I was very nervous..

She was kind but very firm and she gave me the discipline I badly needed.

I really enjoyed the spanking she gave me over her knee and she has a very hard hand! There was no doubt that she was in charge and she seemed to really enjoy it to which was important for me enjoying it.

I am writing this while sitting on a very sore bottom and feeling really grateful to have met Miss Haldane. Miss, thank you. I will definitely be back for more under your stern guidance. x


A delightful meeting with a true connoisseur of her art. Miss Haldane promised much and delivered more. She is as she describes: witty, intelligent, warm, and when it comes to it, very strict. She delivered an uncompromising beating, whilst simultaneously remaining personable, despite her very evil laughter at my predicament! She pushed me further and harder than I have in quite some time. I was left battered and bruised, and incredibly happy to have met a lady of this calibre. Where have you been all of this time, Ma’am?

Miss Haldane is a true authoritarian, someone in whom you feel an instant trust and respect.

She commands a room with effortless ease and I was reduced to a small boy almost instantly in her presence. Ma’am, what a pleasure and an honour to have met you. I very much look forward to doing so again, if you’ll grant me the privilege.


I have just had a wonderful session with Miss Haldane. She is a very genuine person, witty & intelligent,and has a real interest in discipline. On arrival, she immediately put me at ease while taking the time to chat and find out what I wanted from the session.

Once in session she was the perfect headmistress authoritative, well spoken and very strict. 

I was told off in a calm but stern manner before receiving a very hard hand spanking, other punishments followed leaving me with a very sore bottom. Just as I thought it was over I was led by the ear into another room and bent over ready for a caning.

Watching Miss Haldane carefully choosing which canes to use was sublime and the caning was perfect, pushing my limits just enough.

I shall definitely be making a return visit to Miss Haldane's study in the near future.


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