Miss Haldane

Professional Disciplinarian



I session from the Chamber of Correction, a discreet and private domestic venue in Staffordshire. A variety of rooms are available for realistic recreation of scenes. It is easily accessible from major train and motorway networks.


Domestic Room

Featuring domestic furniture and neutral, calming tones, this is the perfect environment for domestic scenes. You’ll be made to feel comfortable, before being made to feel very uncomfortable…


A beautiful contemporary space which is ideal for recreating office executive/corporate scenes, school scenes, and any number of further scenarios for the wildly imaginative. An excellent space in which to discuss goals and targets, and to go over monthly reports with a fine tooth comb…



Punishment Room

A more ‘BDSM’-orientated room, furnished to an exceptional standard, including a spanking bench with restraints and a chaise longue. Here, there is no escape, and here is where the more severe punishments may be administered.

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